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Are you tired of having to schedule several different contractors for your repair or remodeling projects and then have only half of them show up when they were supposed to? 
And then, only half of the ones who did show up do the job properly? Or, you make arrangements with a professional looking salesman and the crew that shows up to do the work looks like the cast of "Deliverance"? 
If this has happened to you and you want to avoid it happening again, give me a try. I can offer you;
  • High quality workmanship
    Over 30 years experience in all phases of home repairs/renovations.
  • Punctual service
    One of my regular clients refers to me as "The worlds most punctual human being".
  • Ability to handle the difficult, off the wall problems
    I like the challenges presented by unusual problems or requests.
  • No subcontractors or salesman
    The person who gives the estimate is the one who does the work.
  • Mastercard/Visa/Discover Accepted
    Credit card terminal is brought to your home.

  • References available upon request